Demonic Influences

Regardless of what you want to believe - Demons exist! They are the nemesis of Angels and are powerful opposing forces whose main purpose is to impede the work of God. Demons work in subtle ways and often prevail through the actions of ignorant men. They come in different levels of intelligence and shrewdness. They create chaos in this world by distorting ethical values; of what is right and what is wrong. They excel in confusing your thoughts to create opportunities for them to infiltrate and influence your mind. If you let your guard down, or if you allowed them, they will not hesitate to seize the opportunity to destroy your life and eventually, the lives of your loved ones.

(1). What are demons? Why guard against them?

Demons are fallen Angels that have learned eons earlier to band together and organize themselves to thwart the good work of the Creator. You may not be able to see them but even if you could, you will only see silhouettes resembling that of a person. When you look closer, you will not see a recognizable face. Contrary to beliefs, Demons are highly organised. They plan and execute with evil intentions and they do not work alone. They capitalise on the powers and strength of many. They are patient, scheming, meticulous and merciless. They build upon your weaknesses and naivety so that they become stronger as a result. They are opportunists and will never forgo an opportunity to infiltrate your family to create discord or disunity so that they will have the window of opportunity to act. They often do this through a weak link or a weakened individual in your family. Demonic influences may take several years, but eventually, they will prevail, and they will take your family members one by one.

(2). What do demons want from you?

Demons have only one desire in mind and that is to demonize your spiritual body. When they see you as prey, they will stalk you relentlessly so that they can whisper negative thoughts into your mind at your weakest moments. They blind your eyes and silence your ears so that you feel what the demons want you to feel; especially about your family so that you lose your moral support pillars. They know where you hang out or who your friends are. Ultimately they will know you much more than you know yourself. Before long, through spiritual incantations, suggestions or insinuations, the demons will begin their task of replacing your spiritual body without you even knowing about it. In the end, a demon spirit will control your physical body while your spiritual body is cajoled to their demonic world to be demonised. In their world, you lose all hopes eventually, and despair will force you to choose to become a willing partner of the dark lord ultimately.

(3). In what forms do Demons manifest in this world?

Demons manifest in many forms. In usual circumstances, they remain as fallen Angels - unseen and inconspicuous. However, there are unique cases where a demon spirit is reincarnated as a human being either by hijacking the fetus of an unsuspecting pregnant mother or through natural births wherein one or both parents are demon-incarnates. Although rare, these are becoming more common in recent years. Demons may also walk on this world through demonic interventions as described in (2) above. In such cases, demons succeed either because the host did not resist the change or has willingly permitted it to happen.

(4). How do Demons choose their targets?

Demons are constantly seeking to demonise spirits, especially those of celestial essences (i.e., avatars of Spiritual Angels). Demons excel in the art of persuasion and feed on weaknesses in character ethics. The truth is if your spiritual body is of a celestial origin and if you're ignorant about spirituality, of low self-esteem or ethically unsound, then you may be at risk from demonic influences.

(5). What are the telltale signs of demonic interference?

There are 2 extremes of demonic interference: (i) sudden and pronounced behavioural and mood changes in the afflicted person, and (ii) slow and subtle behavioural and character changes over a period of years. The latter is the hardest to spot due to its nature as most people would attribute the changes to the pressures of living in modern and fast-paced societies. As a result, such cases are also the most difficult to resolve or reconcile due to inaction or ignorance in seeking a remedy. Early symptoms of affliction would be anti-social behaviours such as staying up all night and sleeping all day, withdrawing from family and friends, displaying hate and disregard towards authority, secretive and schizophrenic tendencies (for example, having conversations when there is visibly no one around), instantaneous and erratic mood swings, indecisiveness, irrational speech, and thoughts, among many others. There are also special cases (for example, people with the gift of sight and sound) where the victims choose to communicate with and live among demons. In such cases, there will be hardly any symptoms except for some physical abnormalities such as being tired and having pale and lifeless complexion all the time, etc.

In the early stages of demonic interference, the afflicted person would display fear and helplessness and could reach out for your help. However, he/she would shut you out just as fast! In late stages, the afflicted person will become critical of his/her family - finding and picking on faults, and causing major discords between the members. He/she would show disrespect and total disregard to the parents to a point where there could be verbal and mental abuse. In more violent dispositions, there could be physical abuse when the afflicted person felt provoked or pressured. By now, his/her behaviors will become even more irrational and erratic; it is as if a different person has taken hold. At this stage, it is almost impossible to reason with the person as all ethical values are dispelled and forgotten.

(6). What can you do when faced with demonic interference?

Seek spiritual help early. It is fallacy to believe that you can overcome demonic influences and persuasions on your own. Demons are highly intelligent, organised and sophisticated in their means. Once you have become prey, they will be relentless in turning you and they will stalk you 24/7. The only way that you could stop them is to engage the help of Angels to protect and save you from their clutches. The first step is to be free of Demons so that the calmness can return and the healing can begin. When you believe in Angels, you will provide the Angels the strength and power to coerce the Demons into a retreat and to provide you space and serenity to heal and recover.

(7). What do Angels do?

Demons do not fear Angels. They can and will enter a house of God. It is us (you and I) who have to face these demonic challenges as we traverse through this causal century. The irony is so little we know about living in the modernity of human civilization such that we harbour obscured sense of what is good (Truth) and what is evil (Pretense). Angels will protect and guide you through life, but only if you wanted them to. That is, between good and evil, the Angels could only hope that you will not choose the latter because darkness will befall you. Choosing well will bring you to the realm of the Divine where Light prevails. Where there is Light, there is only sanctity and clarity.

(8). How do you protect yourself in the 21st century?

Learn about the Truth. The safest approach to protect you from demonic influences is to have the right understanding of life and death. Take a hint from the affairs of the world, present, and past, and you will infer the existence of Demons. They can be found in all corners of the world. Always remember that the Divine will never mandate you to take your own life or the lives of others, for whatever reasons that may be offered. If the work of the Divine is to provide us a holy ground for spiritual attainment, then the work of the Demons is to disrupt and corrupt such a ground. Our mandate, therefore, is to be spiritually-savvy and to remain ever vigilant in our guard against demonic interference, and to never give demons the slightest opportunity to corrupt our ground to wreck our lives and loved ones. You have the powers in you when you associate yourself with Angels to resist demonic influences – please do not allow anyone else to tell you otherwise!

“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke