The Right View

Impermanence is omnipresent. It causes suffering, pain, and despair. Impermanence is synonymous with change that causes fear, anxiety, and distress. And yet, we embrace impermanence as if we are oblivious and impervious to it. We live busy lives to distract ourselves and in the process, lose the meaning of our existence.

But we soldier on because we cannot be seen to be weak in a society that feeds on fears and stability. It goes unnoticed that our sufferings continue to fuel the economy of this world. And so we shield ourselves and protect our offsprings from the Truth, fearing we or our offsprings will lose out or perish in a world bent on propagating a false view of life that is driven by greed and misinformation. Without the right view, we walk on a perilous path with no end in sight. The pursuit of happiness or the likes is no salvation to our sufferings because they are illusions and as impermanent as life itself. We know this, we have experienced it. But we know not of a way out of this doldrum, and so day by day, we just allow life to pass us by, not realising, not enlightened, not a chance.

The irony is, without realisations, the false view is repeated in every reincarnation. Multiply this by the number of people on this planet and we will realise that mother earth can only sustain so much avarice and destruction, and for how long? Eventually, where we fail, nature will take its own course. For most of us now, we can only imagine the outcomes, but for the unfortunate many who will reincarnate to this world again, we can only hope this planet will not be desolate and devoid of living things.

So if you can see, the path that our predecessors have built is not the way forward for any of us. But yet, we believe it is and we blindly follow the instructions of the blind who are leading the way. We have fallen prey to the false prophets, the captains of industry, and the elitists. Stop. Think.

Our salvation is Enlightenment (Nirvana). To continue on our path of reincarnation is to agree with the false view. We must choose to disconnect ourselves from being the fuel to create more falsehoods and miseries in this world. We must also wean our addiction to our selfish desires for the betterment of our spiritual well-being and those of our loved ones. And choose to live our lives based on the principles of the noble eightfold path to cultivate our character and mental discipline, and to germinate our wisdom. Only then will we see our true future.

But realisations cannot occur without us having the right view of life. Our coming into being, our existence is a result of our Karma- our accumulated feelings and emotions in our past lives. We are not here by chance, and we are definitely not without karmic kindreds unless you are one of those whose origin is unique. For most of us who have been calling earth home for the longest time and in all the reincarnations, we are accustomed to the pitfalls of enjoyment and pleasures. For those of us initiated on the principles of reincarnation, we have already discovered our way out. If you're yet to be one of us, it might be time to start thinking about your mortality and your next destination. Chances are, you will end up here again.