Growing Avarice

This world exists for reincarnations to take place. This is where spiritual essences are reborn to undergo the vicissitudes of impermanent lives - and to search for enlightenment. It is for this sole purpose that this world exists, and no one - be it an organization, group, or society - should threaten its existence. The divine numinous does not allow it, and will not hesitate to act upon those intent to cause irreparable damage to the world we live in. The recent COVID-19 pandemic is an example of how divine may intervene to address the inequities, abuses, and grievances of the silent, and to remind us to rethink our motivations in a world overwhelmed with growing avarice.

Protect our environment

The air we breathe, the water and food we consume are all dependent on the environment in which we live. It is the environment that nourishes and livens our spirit, in almost the same way a shelter revitalizes our body and soul after a hard day’s work. But the resources in this world are finite, our environment can only take so much abuse in these many years. And our spiritual growth, from the primordial to the celestial, is existential to the health of our environment, without which the processes of reincarnation and enlightenment are impaired and hence, cannot continue without divine interventions. We simply can’t go on living the way we do by assuming whatever leftover resources will be sufficient to sustain life in the future. The insatiable appetite to consume and hence, the depletion of resources in this world has severely impacted the well-being of our environment - from the loss of natural habitats and wildlife to climate change. If nothing changes, there won’t be a world for spiritual essences to reincarnate or seek enlightenment. Where will our rebirths be? Think about it, the choices we make today will decide the state of the environment in our next life. Do we want to be born into a desolate world, or do we cherish a sustainable world full of opportunities and avenues for enlightenment? If it is the latter we choose, each of us has to do our part to protect the environment - which we can simply do so by simplifying our lives and living sustainably. The basic concept is to moderate our needs and to manage our consumption of resources responsibly - e.g., water, energy, food, raw materials, etc. - such that we do not need to over-consume. If we extend our empathy to the environment, we will be able to safeguard the well-being of our world for the future and to ensure the processes of reincarnation and enlightenment will continue without any impediments. What is better than knowing we can experience our next life in an environment that we know we have helped sustain in this?

Religious observance is not spirituality

Spirituality is founded on deep personal faith in spiritual existence. It entails insightful contemplations and practices to uncover the true meaning of life; to trust in divinity - to believe in its plans and guidance regardless of the ambiguities of life; to unfold the many facets of wisdom - to defeat ignorance, accept impermanence, and the finality of enlightenment. The founding of spirituality in oneself is never casual but intended. However, the world today seeks refuge in organised faiths which dictate practices and teachings bordering superstition (or worse, demonic, as a result of demonic infiltrations and influences in the 21st century) as entrapment for confused followers to fill their wanting souls, while their spirits drown in emptiness and silence. As a result, we disregard our personal responsibility to seek realisations and mistaken observance for spirituality. Without realising, we have been led farther away from the Truth and our potential attainments. The Supreme Numen observed: “There is a serious disconnect between what the world is doing, and doing what is right!” This means that while everyone is entrusted with the freedom to choose and act, our collective actions are culminating towards destruction, and not necessarily towards benefitting this world! This is definitely not the intended outcome for entrusting freedom to each and every one of us. The Supreme Numen added: “The attainment of enlightenment requires assiduous efforts based on right understanding, spiritual information, wisdom, and divine guidance. This is the only way!” Contrary to doing what is right, we continue to rely on age-old doctrines to gather in masses to preach to the converted and proselytise the infidel, while offering no new information or avenues to divinity. This pandemic is a stark reminder for us to not just rethink norms, but also an opportunity for us to reassess our understanding of spirituality and our impermanent existence in this world.

Miracles are not made by man

The creativity of mankind is bestowed by divinity. The reason why a number of diseases in this world remain incurable is that divinity has yet to decide whether to bestow the answer or solution to mankind. And yet many of us pin our hopes on medical science. The Supreme Numen observed: “All it takes is a tiny agent to stop most human activities so that now nature has a chance to recover. Is it arrogance, or do you really not know?” We think we possess this world, and yet we struggle to protect it, in fact, we have been hastening to consume the world since the industrial revolution. The truth is, we do not own this world because it belongs to the divine. We have been reminded many times before to be humble and kind to not only ourselves but more importantly to the silent others, i.e., to nature and the environment. If we can do so, this world will serve its purpose well, and we can begin to understand the true meaning of our existence. The Supreme Numen explained: “Keeping a healthy body is a personal responsibility, and there is nothing to fear if you have been taking good care of it. Furthermore, your Angel will protect you if you are already reunited. Unless of course, you have not done what you’re supposed to do and are looking for a challenge!”

Principle of Collective Atonement

It is logical for members of a democratic society to elect a group of representatives to lead and manage a country based on some communal agendas. If so, we should accept that whatever policies that have been decided and put into motion will be judged based on the universal concept of shared responsibilities. Hence, the divine will apply the principle of collective atonement on members of this society instead of their representatives who are only proxies in carrying out the will of the people. For example, if a society disregards human rights, does not protect the environment, or does not provide the proper settings or information for its people to care for themselves, or to seek realisations, etc., the divine will intervene at an appropriate time to address the grievances. The Supreme Numen explained: “Since the proxy is decided by the majority in the society, it is reasonable to apply this principle. You can observe that each society is made to face very different scenarios in this pandemic because of the policies and actions that it has adopted in the past.” Divine is apt in applying the principle of collective atonement to emphasize social responsibilities, and to remind each and every one of us that being entrusted the freedom to choose and act also means we will be held accountable for the consequences collectively!

Although this pandemic is unprecedented in the history of modern civilisation, there are still many people who are ignorant of divinity or the importance of this world. Lord Nalakuvara cautioned: “The scale of this pandemic will be limited, but there could be a more serious event next year - depending on how much we realise our mistakes now!” It is perhaps timely for us to spare some thoughts for the world we live in - to start respecting and caring for its environment and wildlife. Let us not allow our stupidity and ignorance to destroy the only world we have. We will be the ones to suffer the consequences eventually because we will still be reincarnated to this world! We may not remember how we got here in the first place, but let’s not forget why we are here!

The vicissitudes of impermanence create opportunities for realisations and enlightenment!