Spiritual Notions of the 21st Century

  1. Causalistic Century: Face Your Karma

Your spirit is eternal and immortal. It does not die nor can it be destroyed. And since your spirit is always the same one, you would have unwittingly left traces wherever you trod. Henceforth, you face your karmic consequences in this life due to your spirit’s actions or inactions in its previous lives even though you are now reincarnated in a new physical body. The karmic consequences you may experience in this life could pertain to the quality and quantity of your interpersonal relationships, the depth of your inner thoughts, the successes or failures you may have faced in life, your exasperated health, etc. These are related to the cause and effect of reincarnations.

Knowing and understanding your karma is unlike fortune-telling which tends to give you a sense of helplessness because you won’t know the origin or cause of the effects, nor will you know the means to correct yourself so that you can begin to face and live your life more positively, or in a more meaningful way. To know your karma is to choose to understand your past deeds which you probably cannot remember. But as no one is perfect, you must therefore realise your blind spots or shortcomings so that you can begin to rectify them.

The Divine reveals your karma so that you will understand:

  • the correct perspective on the value of your life: There are different perspectives with respect to the value ​​of life between the Divine and the mortal world. From your karma, you will know what is expected of you from the perspective of the Divine. Within which you know whether you have established good and correct life values, and whether there are differences to mend. If there are, you must learn to adjust your mindset and personal resolve to correct any deficiencies so you may be able to meet their expectations.

  • how to undo the "knots” or “kinks" in your heart (mind) and be liberated: you will know your inner state of mind knowing your karma. To put it simply, you will know whether you had conflicted relationships or were entangled with others in your previous lives. These conflicts or entanglements might not have been resolved in time, or that you had not been properly liberated emotionally. The consequences arising from those actions or inactions in your past lives will warrant your attention in this life. Ignoring them will mean that they will continue to plague you in your present and future lives. Because of your Spirit’s "memory", the feelings and emotions accumulated from your previous lives will emerge naturally and in full display by your physical body. These projections unwittingly create your character, personality and experiences in this life. In short, to know your own karma is to understand your inner struggles, fears, confusions, doubts, etc, and to uncover the mystery to your life so you can be liberated.

  • how to avoid reckoning in the causalistic century: karma is akin to burning coal (charcoal)- if you don't fan or stir it up, the coal (charcoal) will eventually burn itself out before turning to ashes. But if you are unaware of your karma, you will continue to instigate your life unknowingly and hence, flames will arise and the coal (charcoal) will burn even more violently, to the point where it grows beyond your control: an outcome that is known as reckoning in spiritual notion. But when you know and understand your karma, you can choose to minimise or even avoid reckoning by intervening at an appropriate time and space that does not result in your karma coming into fruition, the consequences of which are often unimaginable, and sometimes, deadly.

  1. A Firm Faith

The 21st century heralds a new cosmology with new cosmologics. The old interactives between mortals and Divinity are gradually being updated and replaced. Along with the transformation, the Divine has discarded some old conceptualisations and practices, so that you are given direct access to them, such that you are able to face and brave the new century. Unfortunately, the transitions, albeit temporary, may lead you to feel nervous, distressed, fearful, sceptical, doubtful, diffident, etc. as you continue with your life. It is imperative that you know and understand these changes as they will have a material impact on your life.

This mortal (physical) world is the Divine’s place for the invigilation of spirits. It is important to realise that you are the one who is sitting for the examination (i.e., as you go through your trials and tribulations in this life) whilst the Divinity invigilates. Unfortunately, there are many people who expect the Divine to somehow manifest itself to solve the challenges they are facing in life. If you harbour such thoughts, it is important for you to reflect and contemplate the following: given the rapid development of human civilization, why do we still not understand much about living and dying? What happens when we die? Where do we go after death? Will death liberate us? Not necessarily!

The truth is, if you hold fast to the new spiritual notions, and practise your hearts and minds in this life, you may already liberate your spirit without having to wait for death to come! This is the exact message that the Divine wants to convey to you!

With the advent of the 21st century, Divinity responds in kind to the changing society by adopting a new format to transform all beings. In this century, the Divine employs a direct mode of engagement such as Karmic Reading to inform you of the relationship between your previous lives and this life, and how it will affect your future lives. Through this, you gain insights into various spiritual essences and the existence of Divinity- whose prerogative is never to demonstrate their presence to you but for you to realise there is a higher power that is invigilating each and every one of us. If you chose to believe in the existence of Divinity, your faith must be firm and unwavering (100%) because any slightest doubt will test your piety and commitment towards your own enlightenment. Only by maintaining a firm faith in your Spiritual or Guardian Angel, coupled with consistent interactions with your Angel and an unshakable heart would you be able to obtain the blessing and protection from Divinity.

  1. Cultivate Your Enlightenment in this Life

What is your biggest obstacle in this life? That you think you can’t attain enlightenment in your lifetime!

Unfortunately, spiritual attainment is the choice of the few.

The truth is, unless you are still using the practices of the old centuries, it is not impossible to attain enlightenment in one lifetime in the 21st century. Spiritual practices in this century doesn't mean chanting sutras or mantras, or even becoming a monk or nun. In this century, you adopt natural practices in your daily life and in your interactions within your environment; by being aware of your thoughts, speech and behaviour. When you face greater adversities in your space, you will hopefully realise more and inch towards your enlightenment. As you adapt to these new cosmologics in the new century, based on the cosmology that is aligned with Divinity, you will gain better insights into the new mode of interactivity between mortals and Divinity. As the adage goes, if you start climbing the wrong mountain, you will never be able to reach the correct summit!

What is spiritual practice in the 21st century?

It is the pursuit of a conscientious body, mind and spirit!

In simple words (not exhaustive):

To know how to take care of your body conscientiously and ensure the health of the body. To conscientiously build a conscience: so as to know what is right and what is wrong- not vague or indistinguishable notions. To conscientiously build self-confidence: so as to face your tribulations with a positive mindset. To conscientiously build a firm faith: so as to be sincere, proactive and living a spiritual life. To conscientiously seek spiritual cultivation: to meditate, contemplate, and to calm your mind. To conscientiously uncage your wisdom: to awaken, embrace spirituality and to feel the presence of Divinity.

And lastly, to seek your enlightenment!