1. Meditation is not encouraged for those who have yet to reunite or reconnect with their Spiritual or Guardian Angel.

  2. Meditation is also not encouraged for those who have yet to receive permission from their Angel to start meditating.

  3. Meditation is only allowed indoors: at home (study, living or dining room), in a hotel room, in the office, etc.

  4. Meditating outdoors is strongly discouraged (incl. temples or places of worship, etc).

  5. Do not meditate when tired.

  6. Do not meditate right after a meal.

  7. Meditation requires discipline: fixed time and place.

  8. Each meditation should preferably last 30 minutes or more.

  9. Eyes can be closed during meditation.

  10. Before each meditation, invite your Angel to support and guide you during your meditation.

  11. [Start]: "I am [name]. I'm at [location (e.g., home)], I would like to invite my Angel [name] to support and guide me during my meditation."

  12. When meditating, allow your thoughts to slow down so you may empty your mind gradually. Remember the 3 keywords: OBSERVE, FOCUS, CONCENTRATE.

  13. OBSERVE the flow of your thoughts in your mind but do not grasp them. Observe their coming and going. Note the space between each thought: where in this space there is no thought. Observe this phenomenon and space.

  14. FOCUS on this space, and transfer it to your forehead (or the areas between your eyes).

  15. CONCENTRATE your spatial mind on your forehead (or the areas between your eyes) and rest your mind in this space for as long as you can.

  16. Whenever you're distracted, or unable to concentrate, repeat steps 12 to 15.

  17. Once you've learned the sequence, your mind will gradually slow and calm down.

  18. In a calm state of meditation, your awareness of your surroundings will become louder and clearer. Do not grasp them.

  19. And regardless of the vivid illustrations of colours and images you may see in your meditation, do not grasp them. Safeguard your consciousness.

  20. When coming out of your meditation, thank your Angel for the support and guidance during your meditation. [End]

  • Your body may sway involuntarily during meditation. This may be due to the presence of your Angel, or it may be a possession by other spirits. When this occurs, there is no need to be nervous. You only need to relax your body and guide it with your consciousness and the swaying will gradually subside. If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, you may stop your meditation and seek our inputs.

  • The intent of meditation is to attain a calm mind- to germinate your wisdom and comprehension- and eventually to receive providence. Wanting more out of your meditations will detract you from your spiritual practice and should be avoided as much as possible.

  • As long as you're sincere in your meditation, you will soon feel especially inspired, and notice your renewed wisdom when it comes to resolving your setbacks or difficulties. You will also experience the changes in your character as you begin to interact with your surroundings in a whole new way.