The Heart of the Matter

We face our karma wherever we may live. This is where we experience and understand life as the Divine sees it. In the many lessons we must face in this life or another, we are often made to go through agonising trials which are incomprehensible, and perhaps outright cruel to us. But still, the tribulations will continue as long as we are still trapped within the wheels of reincarnation.

The emotional entanglements between men and women are perhaps one of the most difficult trials to understand or overcome, and even harder to resolve. More often than not, the afflicted parties tend to be trapped in a state of emotional blackmail, confusion, denial, or loss. The emotional struggle tends to worsen when family and friends, knowingly or unwittingly, pass judgement on the person’s emotional intelligence or are unable to empathise with the sufferer. Such behaviours will naturally force the sufferer to withdraw and isolate from others to avoid contact so as to safeguard their vulnerable state of mind. Eventually, such affliction can cause the sufferer to slip into severe depression with tragic consequences!

In order to resolve our present conditions, we will need to find the root or source from where our conditioning was set in motion, as is revealed by the Divine in Karmic readings. Contrary to beliefs, our conditioning does not arise in this life, it has its origins in one of our previous lives. When we are able to discover the origins of our conditioning, the answers to which we seek will be revealed in all its clarity. It is from this fundamental truth that one realises that emotional entanglements between men and women are not the exception but rather, the rule.

A professional in her early 40s was recommended by a close friend to seek answers on her setbacks in her relationship with a man. Before delving into her karma, Nalakuvara revealed her spiritual essence and advised that, apart from her karmic consequences, her pain and struggles experienced in her emotional relationships and career were partly due to the disparity between her spiritual essence and the choices she had made thus far. Nalakuvara explained that her spiritual body originated from one of the Holy Trinity (Immortals) known as the 「Virtuous One」- the originator and divine-keeper of morality. Her agonies thus far culminated from her moral and ethical indiscretions that contradicted her spiritual essence and mission, and hence, created severe turmoil that were affecting her psychologically. Unwittingly, her choices had created a great rift between her spirit and soul; to the point where the spirit had to exert its influence over the physical (soul) body so as to ensure that she would continue in her current destructive path. On hearing this assessment, she could only conjure up a faint smile and nodded. She remained silent perhaps at a loss for words.

Nalakuvara revealed her karmic conditionings so that she may begin to understand the causes of her present predicament:

In a previous life, she was born male but was abandoned by his parents in a Taoist temple. He eventually grew up to become a well-respected Taoist in the temple where many devotees would seek his guidance and advice. Although lacking in practical experience about life outside the temple, he was still able to dispense pragmatic and highly effective advice to devotees by applying the guiding principles from the Doctrine of Morality which was written centuries earlier by Lao Zi - the founder of Taoism. As a result of this experience, the concept of morality and ethics had a profound influence on her spirit and wellbeing.

In another past life, she was born female and was married at 16 years old and gave birth to three (3) daughters in the years after. Her parents-in-law, fearing that their daughter-in-law was unable to bear them a male descendant, agreed to their son to have a concubine, a decision that was made against the will of their daughter-in-law. In fact she resented the arrangement. But she knew then that her grievances would never be heard as she was in no position to object. Eventually, she swallowed her pride and relented. However, the concubinage did not produce any male descendants either; instead, the concubine subsequently gave birth to two (2) daughters. She realised then that the concubinage was a lame excuse made up by her husband to justify his desire to take in a concubine! Unbeknown to him, however, she did not despise the concubine when she moved in with the family but had instead established a very close relationship with the concubine over the years. At times, the two would even collude with each other to “deal” with their husband. It turned out that they grew closer in later years to become confidantes until a chance meeting with a practicing nun convinced her (already in her 60s) to spend the rest of her life in a nunnery.

After listening intently to her Karmic reading, she finally asked: "Will I become a concubine in this life?”

Nalakuvara paused for a while and replied: “The man you’re having an affair with is the reincarnation of your confidante (aka the concubine from her past life), whilst the married man’s wife is the reincarnation of your husband from that same life!”

The Truth Revealed

She was stunned and speechless, and took a while to sort out her emotions before revealing that she is in a relationship with a married man for many years. Although she knew that her actions and behaviour were morally lacking, she confided that she could not find the reasons to forgo her feelings for him. She had tried a few times to leave him, but all without success: each time she would give in to her feelings. Even more ironic was that the man’s wife actually knew of their relationship; presumably, it was never a secret!

From the perspective of karma, the wife (who was the husband in the past life) is made to bear the karmic consequences of her actions in a previous life (i.e., when he practised polygamy and inflicted emotional suffering on his loved ones). In this life, she is made to face and endure her spouse’s infidelity instead. This is a profound truth!

Nalakuvara went on to explain: "The reason you can’t forgo this illicit relationship is because of the strong karmic connections between the 2 of you. Unless you can focus your life on spiritual faith and practice, I’m afraid it will not be so easy to overcome the bonds.”

“Can I really do this?” she asked, revealing her lack of self-confidence.

“It was different then” Nalakuvara replied. “Before, you didn’t know who your Spiritual Angel was, but now you do. Your Angel will be willing to help you if you decide to walk on the righteous path - by starting life anew. If you’re determined to do this, you will find a way out of your current predicament with your Angel’s guidance.”

“Will he ever leave his wife?” she asked hastily.

"If you were to leave him, he would return to his wife! If you continue to see him, your relationship with him will remain the status quo and will continue to be the source of torment and agony!" Nalakuvara replied without any hesitation. Nalakuvara encouraged her to seek an alternative life; one that was free from emotional entanglements and torment now that she knew who she really is.

Before the end of her session, she hastily asked about her career.

Nalakuvara replied: "You have to deal with numbers in your daily work?" She nodded. "This job of yours is agonising to you because businesses tend to rely on fictitious accounts to conceal illicit transactions or to avoid paying taxes. These actions tend to violate your moral beliefs, but you’re helpless because of your position. As a result, you’re constantly living in fear of being discovered.” She nodded and agreed to seek an alternative profession or place of work.

As she motioned to leave, she commented that at least she did not have to wait until she was in her 60s to realise that her relationship with the married man was never going to have a good ending. If not, she would have to die with regrets!