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Enlightenment is the culmination of a series of realisations.

Hope these articles will guide you towards those realisations.

A universe created from nothingness but evolved into everything we know today. Enlightenment is everything and nothing. Where will you be when the universe collapses into nothingness? And by whose hands do you think it will be?

We exist through the fusion of our Spirit and Soul (body). The impermanence of our body creates an inherent tendency for us to cling to this physical dimension (as attachments) that provides a temporary, and therefore, a false sense of security and comfort.

Where there are debts there will always be creditors, and creditors normally seek out the debtor who owes the debt. In short, karmic creditors are people we had interacted with within our previous lives and with whom there were grudges, and these grudges had remained unresolved.

Demons are the nemesis of Angels and are powerful opposing forces whose main purpose is to impede the work of God. Demons work in subtle ways and often prevail through the actions of ignorant men. They come in different levels of intelligence and shrewdness. They create chaos in this world by distorting ethical values; of what is right and what is wrong. They excel in confusing your thoughts to create opportunities for them to infiltrate and influence your mind.

Avatars of Angels are unique individuals because of their spiritual origins and their deep-rooted sense of righteousness. If these individuals can accept their own unique spiritual body and mission and are willing to connect and interact with their Spiritual Angels on a regular basis, then I sincerely believe the future of this world will be different!

Impermanence teaches us that vows are doomed to fail. Not that we are incapable of fulfilling them, but often, it’s because we run out of time. But time is a fiction of our imaginative mind, and continuity tells us that time persists in another lifetime.

The emotional entanglements between men and women are perhaps one of the most difficult trials to understand or overcome, and even harder to resolve. More often than not, the afflicted parties tend to be trapped in a state of emotional blackmail, confusion, denial, or loss.

There is nothing more certain than death! Even so, there are still many people who are unwilling to face this reality and will choose to avoid any discussion on this topic. It is illogical for us to fear death, considering the multiple lifetimes we have had before.

This world exists for reincarnations to take place. This is where spiritual essences are reborn to undergo the vicissitudes of impermanent lives - and to search for enlightenment. It is for this sole purpose that this world exists, and no one - be it an organization, group, or society - should threaten its existence. The divine numinous does not allow it, and will not hesitate to act upon those intent to cause irreparable damage to the world we live in.

"The Divine bestowed immortality not for you to become a prisoner to it - or to relish on hopes, attachments, and worries. The Divine wants you to realise the foolishness of these indulgences, to see through them so that you can attain enlightenment in your lifetime!”

The humanistic perspectives of right and wrong are often subverted by agendas of self-preservation and personal gains. But still, we often struggle to make sense of our decisions. We find ourselves wanting to belong, but at the same time, we have to compete with others, in order to gain acceptance by those whom we sought recognition.