Benevolence, Frugality and Humility

The disconnection between our Spirit and Soul creates conflicts in us. Our Soul relishes impermanence and craves for material comforts: often at the expense of virtues such as benevolence, frugality, and humility. Virtues that are associated with Divinity. These virtues have now lost their appeal in a world where materialism is deemed the solution, instead of the root, to the problems of the world. Throughout history, we build empires and erect monuments worthy of remembrance, hoping that future generations would not forget us. In each life, we try to outlive each other by our measure of success: by accumulating wealth, status and power that more often than not, culminate greed in us. These tendencies are ingrained in our Spirit as sensations, feelings, and emotions after multiple lifetimes, and are manifested in the world we see today. Can you imagine the anarchy if our body is made immortal? Our futile attempts to achieve immortality through materialism is revealed on the day we face our mortality, and often so without our consent or permission. It is foolhardy, therefore, to contemplate continuing in this current path where generations before have failed. Do we not see?

The untamed mind

Our untamed mind is like an ocean, it destroys as fast as it builds: this is its violent nature. Over time, many countless lives are wrecked by this untamed mind. We have told stories of men and women who live lives of obscurity, misery, and suffering - but who were once powerful and wealthy. In retrospect, if we were not punctilious about our status: financial or otherwise, would we have used our endowments to seek the Truth? But alas, we continue in our old ways and choose to remain unaware of the endowments in this life. We continue to feed on our incessant desire to want more. Why must we only seek answers at the lowest point of our life? Do we not repent?

Overcoming our tendencies

According to Nalakuvara, we have the tendency to do one of 2 things: (1) to make excuses for not doing the things that we ought to be doing: things which we know are right for us; or (2) to find reasons to continue doing the things we are doing - even when we knew the consequences - so as to continue on the path we have chosen for ourselves. Between the excuses and reasons, we frolic in our false sense of security and contentment: only to discover years later that the path we have chosen is actually a treadmill with no destination in sight. By then, we are already exhausted, and spiritually drained, but we fear the thought of stopping (as we have already grown attached and accustomed to the treadmill) - until death beckons. But do we realise in death? Unlikely. We want to come back for more! In this time and age, we must learn to count our blessings - or at least become aware - so that we cherish the opportunities and moments we have to seek the Truth and to contemplate our becoming in this mortal world.

Through Karmic readings, we have seen the lives of many - intertwined and distressed – in not one but several lives past, and which continues to play out in their present lives - albeit in a new environment - and for the simplest reason: to learn once more about benevolence, frugality, and humility – the hallmarks of attainment. But do we realise? Do we find peace and resolution within us against those who have wronged or defiled us? And have we learned to reconcile the affairs of the heart, and do not cling to the attachments of the Soul (body)?

Awaken now

Espoused by many teachers, we can achieve awakening only if we choose the right path with the proper knowledge, and if we rely on our wisdom to do it right! There are many who show apathy, but there are also many who go to extremes in the hope of achieving enlightenment. But the message has always been crystal clear. Enlightenment lies with the middle path! It is the lay practice at home and in society; among family, friends, and colleagues that we are offered the most opportunities and precious moments to attain enlightenment - if only we are actually looking for it! As the day comes to a close, we ought to think about the people we interacted with today and question our intentions or motivations towards them. For if we do not do so, tomorrow is going to be just another day.