Seek Divine Blessings

Seeking Divine blessings is to request Divine's assistance and support in the coming lunar year. Those whose request is approved will be endowed to receive the favour and help of all Divine Angels throughout the new lunar year. Recipients will be bestowed a divine token which will activate all Divine Angels to render support and assistance to the recipient.

To seek divine blessings is very important for a spiritual practitioner.  It represents the affirmation of your behaviour, actions, dedication and efforts in your daily practices. It is the blessing given to you by the Divine to help you make progress and breakthroughs in life and in your spiritual practice. Those who seek Divine blessings must abide by the four tenets of mortal living: "Ethical Conduct, Filial Piety, Self-realisation, and Charity."  Those who comply with these four tenets during the year may have the opportunity to seek Divine blessings again the following year (so on and so forth).

Ethical conduct: To always be mindful of the correct morals and virtues, and to be clear in your intentions towards yourself or others. To be clear about what is right and what is wrong, to constantly review your thoughts and deeds, and not shy away from admitting, owning and correcting any mistakes that you have made.

Filial Piety: To know that this is an integral part of your roles and responsibilities in this life. As you perform your roles and responsibilities well, you are naturally fulfilling your filial piety. To be unclear about your roles and responsibilities is to forsake filial piety.

Self-realisation: To understand your karma, spiritual essence, and your relationship with the Divine- "know thy spiritual roots and ultimate destination."

Charity: To transform others and to propagate the truth of reincarnation. To be a guide that leads others towards spirituality, so that they may one day break free from the sufferings and cycles of reincarnation.

Step 1: Participants must register with their personal information so as to be included in the Divine’s shortlisting process. We will first seek inputs from the participant's Spiritual or Guardian Angel before onward submission for approval. Only approved candidates can proceed to the second step. If an application is not shortlisted, the applicant can only re-register in the following year.

Step 2: We will provide a testimony letter to be sighted by the candidate. After which we will prepare the letter for subsequent submission to the Divine.

Step 3: The testimony letter will be witnessed by Lord Nalakuvara before it is submitted. The bestowment of blessings on the candidate will begin at the start of the first lunar month of the new year.

No. We will prepare the necessaries on your behalf. But it is crucial that you remain mindful of your commitment towards the four tenets of mortal living during the year.

Your full name, date of birth, current address and contact information.

Participants who are 15 years old or above (based on the lunar calendar) can register to seek Divine blessings. However, some applications may not be shortlisted as decided by the Divine.

Apart from your age, there are no other restrictions.

Yes. In fact, you are encouraged to register.

There are many factors, for example, the applicant is plagued with karmic creditors, demonic spirits, or ghosts, etc. In short, applications may not be shortlisted if there are metaphysical interferences. Other special factors such as non-support of Spiritual or Guardian Angels, or that the applicant is deemed to have incorrect concepts of seeking blessing, or life in general.

28 December 2023.

We will inform all applicants before 15 January 2024.

Year of the Dragon 2024 (10 February 2024 to 28 January 2025).

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