Avatars of Angels

Avatars of Angels (i.e., mortals with spirits of celestial essence) are unique individuals because of their spiritual origins and their deep-rooted sense of righteousness. If celestial spirits can accept their own unique spiritual body and mission and are willing to connect and interact with their Spiritual Angels on a regular basis, then I sincerely believe the future of this world will be different! And the sooner celestial spirits accept the truth about themselves, the sooner their lives can also be different!

I share 3 important concepts in this article to re-energise and activate the impetus of celestial spirits; the need for them to reassess their motivations, their commitment towards their spiritual mission, and their steadfastness to their Angel’s guidance as they traverse on the path to enlightenment. Celestial spirits can catalyse change if they fully believe they are assisting the Divine to make this mortal world a truly meaningful place for other spiritual essences in their trials and challenges!

1). Your Priority is to the Divine

All celestial spirits originate from Divinity; they are avatars of Divine Angels but with a spiritual mission. Some people are stressed after knowing their celestial origins; but I feel this is not the most troubling fact, it is knowing that they have chosen to reincarnate in this mortal world to fulfill their commitment to their Spiritual Angel, a chance for them to complete their spiritual mission, search for enlightenment, and be bestowed immortality and divinity when they return to the spiritual realm! In other words, this spiritual mission is of our own choosing, it is not the will of our Angel! Hence, each celestial spirit is in this mortal world for a single purpose, and that is the fulfillment of our promise to our Angel to complete our mission here. There are no other reasons! Celestial spirits are allowed to remain in this mortal world to experience countless reincarnations because our Angel permits it. In other words, our Angel can recall our spirit back to the spiritual realm, or reclaim our spirit which rightfully belongs to him! Put simply, our mortal lives as celestial spirits are completely dominated by our Spiritual Angel!

Unfortunately, many celestial spirits that are reborn in this mortal world are unable to overcome the temptations of this physical realm or to face the trials and tribulations set by the Divine. Gradually they fall into the trappings of this world: emotional entanglements; worldly pursuits of attachments such status, power, fame, and fortunes; monetary and material indulgences; or worse, engaging in unclear gender relations. There are many worldly desires that will distract a celestial spirit and the divine knows it. So they have devised that the next 2 centuries will be focused on rehabilitating and transforming all the celestial spirits that are in this mortal world. It is to give them the opportunity to rediscover their origins so that they can complete their mission in their lifetime before returning to the spiritual realm! If celestial spirits do not reflect on this, their Angel has the power to recall, or reclaim, the spirit. This means the spirit may be forced to return to the spiritual realm prematurely while the mortal life is ended abruptly!

2). Focus on Guiding Humanity

Regardless of the spiritual mission, each celestial spirit must perform its role as a "spiritual guide" from the Divine; to guide all people to the spiritual path, and to promote the teachings of the Divine. Divine Angels create avatars in the hope that their avatars can guide all people to face their trials and tribulations positively - no matter the challenges. Celestial spirits are not here to compete with other spiritual essences; we’re not here to compete with others for fame, gains, favours, or admirations. We are here to teach others about exercising wisdom in making the right choices; let them understand the perspectives and concepts of the Divine; learning to cultivate a healthy "body, mind, and spirit"; and guiding them towards seeking enlightenment. However, we cannot create in others a sense of reliance on us, and we should respect and establish a space for others to self-educate, reflect, and realise. When we do this, the individual can have space and time to improve: to increase self-awareness and confidence to face future challenges! Avatars of Angels are meant to be a helping hand from the Divine, they’re here to help all mortal beings, because the Divine knows there are spiritual essences that have yet to experience the concept of spiritual faith, and therefore will not voluntarily discover or embrace spiritual existence. So avatars of angels are here to bridge the gaps between these mortal individuals and the Divine. As a celestial spirit who knows the truth now, shouldn’t you rethink yourself to start anew?

3). Live your Life as a Role Model

Avatars of Angels have innate qualities in wisdom and actions that exemplify those of the Angel and hence, he/ she is a living example for other individuals to model and learn in life. For example, being able to manage our personal finances and desires (finding happiness in contentment); knowing how to take good care of our health (cultivation of the body); interacting with others with dignity and without pretense or hypocrisy, keeping a positive attitude towards life, and having self-esteem (cultivation of the heart); regular interactions with our Angel, keeping faith in his guidance, and having daily contemplations (cultivation of the spirit); and last but not least, completing our spiritual mission to fulfill our promise to our Angel. If celestial spirits can embrace these principles, they can be free from worldly attachments, and be able to live a life, and totally in Divine’s blessings, that is free from the need to compete with others. When celestial spirits learn to manage themselves, they will begin to lead by example and eventually become role models for others to follow.