Knowing the Spirit Within

We are a fusion of our Spirit and Soul. Our Soul originates from our physical body and is capable of expressing affection, anger, anxiety, desire, hatred, happiness, and sadness. But our body decays and dies, and we face our mortality eventually. Our Spirit, on the other hand, is an energy source that is indestructible. It is immortal. While our Soul is capable of expressions, it is our Spirit that conjures up these expressions from the sensations, feelings, and emotions accumulated over many lifetimes. When our body dies, our spirit leaves this vessel of flesh and blood to return to the cycle of birth and rebirth, where it fuses with a new body to begin a new life. It is our Spirit that creates and sustains our Karma. Knowing the Spirit within is the answer to our spiritual wellness. It is where we begin our path to realisations, that will lead to our spiritual enlightenment and immortality.



人是由「灵」与「魂」的结合。「魂」源于肉体而能够表达情感:愤怒、焦虑、欲望、仇恨、幸福、及悲伤;但是肉体最终还是会死亡。而我们的「灵」是坚不可摧的能源;它是不朽的!虽然「魂」善于表达,但正是我们的「灵」才能「唤醒」即促使「魂」来表达积累多世的感应、感觉、与感受。人死后,「灵」离开了肉体回到「轮回」的循环中,在那里「灵」与新的肉体融合而开始了新的人生。 因为「灵」的存在才有「因果轮回」之道理;所以要拥有健康心灵的人生就必须认识「灵」,因了解了「灵」才能代表我们正在迈向醒悟之道,让它来引导我们的开悟与得到永生。


The cycle of birth and rebirth is continuous. Every Spirit is made to go through this to defeat ignorance, and to lift the veil of impermanence. The only way a Spirit can break free from the cycle of birth and rebirth is by attaining enlightenment; the realisation of the Truth and the dissolution of Karma.

The existence of our Spirit creates Karma - the cause and effect of the actions and/or non-actions of our Spirit traversing through this mortal world. Since Karma is a consequence of our mortal existence, and since our Spirit contains the sensations, feelings, and emotions of all our existences (now and then) - to resolve our Karma, we must neutralise our sensations, feelings, and emotions in each life. The experiences of our Spirit determine our personality, character and our attitudes towards life. Inner conflicts arise as a result of the conditioning of our Spirit in previous lives. The pursuant Karma creates intricacies in our relationships that culminate in a plethora of situations in which Karma arises, even if we are totally unaware of its existence. To truly gain a foothold on spiritual wellness, we must first become aware of the conditioning of our Spirit. Only then, will we be able to fully comprehend the effects of Karma on our relationships, and the choices we make in life.






Karmic Readings, Healings & Resolutions

Our conditioning in previous lives decides our present and future lives. Each of us is a unique Spiritual Being, and our Spirit holds intricate interdependent relationships with others, a consequence of our feelings and emotions accumulated from previous lives. These feelings and emotions impede our enlightenment and hence, it is critical that we know the origins of these feelings and emotions, and learn to neutralise them in this life so that they do not propagate into our future lives. It is for this reason that we must understand our past before we can permanently change our future. It is by looking at our past, that we will know about those behaviours - which we are not consciously aware of - conjured up by our feelings and emotions that impede our progress in this life and beyond. Each story is unique but it will compel an individual to contemplate deeply about itself, and begin to view and live life with new perspectives.

Spirituality transcends religions. As such, we do not represent nor belong to any religious order, faith or organisation. Neither do we preach ideologies from any of the religious faiths. We reveal the Truth about one's existence by helping to discover one's Spirit and realise its existence - a realisation that transcends all races and religions. This realisation liberates and awakens lives - the discovery of one's Spirit and its origin peel away years of ignorance - providing a lifeline in the abyss of desperation, a consequence of our grasping in our impermanent repeated lives.