The Heart of the Matter

This world is where we are put through trials by the Divine. This is where we experience and understand life as the Divine sees it. In the many lessons we must face in this life or another, we are often made to go through agonising trials which are incomprehensible, and perhaps outright cruel to us. But still, the tribulations will continue as long as we are still trapped within the wheels of reincarnation.

The emotional entanglements between men and women are perhaps one of the most difficult trials to understand or overcome, and even harder to resolve. More often than not, the afflicted parties tend to be trapped in a state of emotional blackmail, confusion, denial, or loss. The emotional struggle tends to worsen when family and friends, knowingly or unwittingly, pass judgement on the person’s emotional intelligence or are unable to empathise with the sufferer. Such behaviours will naturally force the sufferer to withdraw and isolate from others to avoid contact so as to safeguard their vulnerable state of mind. Eventually, such affliction can cause the sufferer to slip into