Spiritual Longevity

There is nothing more certain than death! Even so, there are still many people who are unwilling to face this reality and will choose to avoid any discussion on this topic. It is illogical for us to fear death, considering the multiple lifetimes we have had before. Facing death, for most of us, won’t be the first time, and neither will it be the last! In reality, death heralds a new beginning for a spirit and not an end! When a Spirit arrives at the moment of death, it will face three probable paths: (1) the spirit is bestowed divinity as an enlightened entity, (2) the spirit returns to the source deity (spiritual angel), or (3) the spirit gets another chance to reincarnate!

Spiritual longevity is decided by the Divine: it is defined as the period of time from conception (when a mother conceives) to the point of death. In other words, a spirit is only allowed to remain in this mortal world based on its spiritual longevity. The difference in spiritual longevity decides the age at which we will die. For example, some people may live up to 30 years old, while some may live up to 90. The fact that spiritual longevity is decided by the Divine means that