Constants and Variables

It is easier when we view our life as a set of interrelated equations. As with equations, there are constants and variables. We, of course, prefer constants over variables. While a life full of constants can be overly mundane, a life of variables on the other hand is not something we would want to wish for. We love our constants- the way life consistently revolves around our goals and plans. Come to think of it, we behave almost like constants all the time, hiding our feelings and keeping our emotions safe from intrusions. We do this so much that we forget that there are many variables in the equation of life. And they come in all shapes and sizes.

Our salvation however, is impeded by Karma. And although Karma is no more than just our sensations, feelings and emotions, many of us still struggle to come to terms with it. Perhaps because we lack the resolve and humility to overcome Karma, or we let our pride and ego become us. Regardless of the reasons, we can't attain sainthood if we're not able to neutralise our feelings and emotions.

Now imagine Karma as a set of equations with constants and variables. All the Divine needs to do is to tweak some of the variables in each life and we will end up with a different, albeit predictable, outcome. A consequence of our feelings and emotions. The answer to defeating Karma is as simple as not overreacting whenever the variables are changed. Henceforth, our efforts must be geared towards neutralising our feelings and emotions such that the Karmic equations consist of only constants. If we can do this, we will also remove the variables in our life. Isn't this something worthwhile to pursue in this lifetime?

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