Karma and Ignorance

We exist through the fusion of our Spirit and Soul (body). The impermanence of our body creates an inherent tendency for us to cling to this physical dimension (as attachments) that provides a temporary, and therefore false, sense of security and comfort. It is delusional to continue building our lives along this unwisely chosen path, not knowing where it is going to lead us. If we do not realise the Truth, our Spirit will never be set free. And we will continue to spiral out of control in the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Knowing our Spirit within provides hints to our very own mortal existence. Our Spirit, as an energy source, is indestructible and permanent: it is the divine half of our being in which wisdom and conscience lie latent. Until the day they unfold and blossom to offer a new perspective of life, and guide us on the path to enlightenment. The mere knowledge that our Spirit exists is liberating. It is the Truth. How then do we know our Spirit exists? The answer is found in our Karma.

Karma is a consequence of the actions or non-actions of our Spirit. Karma is driven by our sensations, feelings, and emotions carried forward by our Spirit to this life. By knowing our Karma, we will understand clearly the mechanisms that we rely on to express ourselves or make our decisions. We will know how our loved ones were related to us in our previous lives, and what that relationship is to us now. We will have the opportunity to uncover reasons for our trials and tribulations in this life so that we can take positive steps towards resolving the underlying Karmic issues with others or with oneself. The Divine reveals only what needs to be revealed - the inadequacies, desires, and habits that are conjured up by our feelings and emotions from lives past - so that we become aware of the tendencies we must overcome, to help us progress in our spiritual attainment.

Karma exists through our Spirit: it is a result of ignorance. Many of us do not know the existence of our Spirit and hence, is unaware of our own Karma. This is a fundamental obstacle to enlightenment. To know our Karma is to take the first step towards the dissolution of ignorance and to start the reconciliation process with oneself. Only then will we be able to overcome our insecurities (driven by our soul and body), to not let our feelings and emotions dictate our actions (or non-actions), so that we may break free from the cycle of birth and rebirth. The purpose of knowing Karma is not to make us feel helpless, it is to open our mind, our wisdom and awareness, to forsake the temporal by seeing through the transient, and ultimately to embrace the Truth.

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