Karma and Ignorance

We exist through the fusion of our Spirit and Soul (body). The impermanence of our body creates an inherent tendency for us to cling to this physical dimension (as attachments) that provides a temporary, and therefore false, sense of security and comfort. It is delusional to continue building our lives along this unwisely chosen path, not knowing where it is going to lead us. If we do not realise the Truth, our Spirit will never be set free. And we will continue to spiral out of control in the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Knowing our Spirit within provides hints to our very own mortal existence. Our Spirit, as an energy source, is indestructible and permanent: it is the divine half of our being in which wisdom and conscience lie latent. Until the day they unfold and blossom to offer a new perspective of life, and guide us on the path to enlightenment. The mere knowledge that our Spirit exists is liberating. It is the Truth. How then do we know our Spirit exists? The answer is found in our Karma.