Enlightenment. Nirvana beholds.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

The elusive, often perceived to be out of reach, finally dawned upon me. The answer was omnipresent; it was right within me all along. The almighty bestowed upon my realization, without fanfare but in awe-inspiring greatness and affirmation, warmly escalated me into the limitless realm.

And now there is only bliss; a limitless state of joy, a distinct sense of presence, and the complete awareness of what is real and what is elusive.

What is life?

Life is to be realized. If life is lived without realization, it is a life unfulfilled. It will soon become a life lived all over again; in the not so distant future, reborn in a new body. Life warrants no excuses; it takes no prisoners. Only when realized is life fulfilled and nirvana beholds: but no trophy awaits, and no celebrations planned. Except for the silent disposition and awareness that it is the way it is. The penalty for not realizing is to allow life to repeat itself - over and over and over again.

What is your nature of mind?

Why do you feel the way you feel? Why do you feel at all? Why do you feel anger? Why do you feel happy? Why do you feel sadness? Why do you fear? Why do you feel hatred? Why do you feel the love? When you are angry, how do you know? When you forgive someone, how would you feel? When you hate someone, how do you not hate? When you feel betrayed, how do you not feel? When you feel the way you feel, how do you not feel? The answer is out there? And so it seems. It is closer than your thoughts. Seek and discover your nature of mind and the truth is soon revealed.

Multiple lives we’ve lived; but only one to realize.

Nirvana is realized in one lifetime, this life to be precise - on the right path and approach. Spirituality is not meant to be read or studied. It is to be felt, experienced and practiced to fruition; and in good time when the body is able and ready, not when it is sick and old.

So, what is life?

Life is not suffering, nor is it to be enjoyed to the fullest at the expense of your enlightenment. Life is to be celebrated in a spirited way for the opportunities it holds for each and every one of us - to be enlightened and awakened due to its imperfections. But do you? So the next time you feel angry at someone, be thankful and grateful instead, for that someone may have given you the opportunity to be enlightened. Or has it eluded you, again?

What is enlightenment?

It is nothingness. It is also everything. A universe created from nothingness but evolved into everything we know today. Enlightenment is everything and nothing. Where will you be when the universe collapses into nothingness? And by whose hands do you think it will be? It is for you to seek and discover. Still, you probably would not remember what is said here today tomorrow, it may be that enlightenment has eluded you once again.

Enlightenment is elusive? Or so it seems?

It is closer than your thoughts.

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